April 19, 2023

This episode features stories from our community news reporters about tracing your family history, mental health in African American Communities, an effort to rename a Philadelphia street, and the end of a program that offered food assistance for low-income households.

Block by Block is PhillyCAM’s LIVE community news radio program, featuring stories from Philadelphia’s neighborhoods as reported by PhillyCAM’s Radio News Fellows, a multigenerational cohort of burgeoning local journalists. Tune in for new episodes every other week, Wednesdays 5:30-6:00 PM on WPPM 106.5 FM and online at phillycam.org/listen.

Block by Block season 2 is produced by Cathy Brown, E. Marie Lambert, Robin Markle, Yonique Myrie, Lara Rosenbach, Felicia Casher, and Roxanne Logan.

Lara Rosenbach and Robin Markle hosted this episode, and Cathy Brown was our board operator.

Brad Linder is Radio News Managing Editor for WPPM. Peter Liu is Radio Operations Manager. And Allison Durham is WPPM’s Radio Program Manager.






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